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Welcome to Ysgol Llys Hywel

To register your child for a place at our school please follow this link: 



Our School 

Llys Hywel Primary School caters for children from the age of 3 to 11 years. The Authority has categorised the School as a Dual stream school. This means that the school can offer English medium or Welsh medium education. However, the school is currently in a transition phase in the Foundation Phase. Please contact the school for further information. The children in the English classes are taught Welsh as a second language whilst the children in the Welsh classes are taught Welsh as the main medium of communication.  

Children leave the school in the July following their 11th birthday, to attend a local Comprehensive School - usually Dyffryn Taf or Bro Myrddin.

 Ysgol Llys Hywel's Vision

  1. to create a happy environment in the school,
  2. to teach pupils to be curtious and respectful of each other,
  3. to ensure they have a good understanding of the Welsh and English languages,
  4. to develop a love of reading,
  5. to develop a knowledge and understanding in the context of maths,
  6. to develop an inquisitive mind,
  7. to ensure they have a knowledge of their cultural heritage,
  8. to develop good handwriting and creative skills,
  9. to provide fun experiences through physical acitvities,
  10. to develop a co-operative environment where all stakeholders work together to put these objectives into action.



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